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Cryopen® – Removal of Skin Lesions

Cryo PenRemoving cosmetic skin lesions is becoming increasingly common as we all aspire to be attractive and stay youthful as we age. Rapid, stressless, precise applications will promote a better quality of care.
The CryoPen® is a superior modern treatment and particularly suitable for the treatment of

  • warts
  • fibromas
  • skin tags
  • hemangiomas
  • liver spots
  • and more

Cryopen is a handheld device that delivers a micro-fine jet of liquid nitrogen towards the lesion.  Accuracy to the millimeter is achieved simply by pointing the pen towards the lesion.

Only minor discomfort is experienced because treatment of healthy tissue is easily avoided.  As a result, we will be able to have longer treatments, allowing for deeper freezing and thus a more effective treatment.








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