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Gummy Smile

Your smile should be one of the most attractive things about you. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Some people have excessive amounts of their gums showing when they smile.  This is known as a “gummy smile.”  This can lead to feeling self conscious and inhibited. People with this issue often avoid social situations that may involve laughing or they might avoid family photos, or at least feel self conscious about smiling in photos.

There are several causes of a Gummy Smile.  One of these is an overactive muscle in the upper lip, and doesn’t involve the gums or teeth at all. This can be easily corrected. This is a quick, virtually pain free procedure. A few simple BOTOX® injections placed in strategic locations will prevent the upper lip from raising excessively high when you smile.  The full results are seen after several days.  At that time, you upper lip will not raise as high, revealing only your beautiful smile and personality.  The effects are fairly long lasting, only requiring two or three treatments per year depending on the individual patient. Additionally, some people  have an asymmetrical or irregular smile.  One side of the upper lip may be drooping lower or raised higher than the rest of the lip during smiling or laughing.  This can also be corrected.  For the right patient, this simple, quick procedure can make a world of difference in self esteem and attitude.

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